Stool Schemel

Design: Studio taschide
Production: Caritas Wendelstein Werkstätten Raubling and Franziskuswerk Schönbrunn
Dimension: l 52 x b 23,5 x h 45 cm
Articlenumber: Oak: 40059-E, Maple: 40059-A, Ash Wood: 40059-S

untreated maple, oak or now NEW ash wood
Schemel is a stool, which can stand alone or in a row. Alone it is a beautiful small seat. In a line it becomes a long bench.

Now NEW in ash wood as well!


Matches well with:

Socks for Furniture

Finally! Socks for chair legs! The knitted socks with felt bottoms protect the floors from scratches and the chair legs from dents. And they look adorable as well!